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7 Free Apps For The Best Summer Ever

please note, that all of these where free when this post was written, but there is no guarantee that they always be.

1. Word Lens (Android and iOS)
Let’s kick this one of with one of the coolest little things: Word Lens lets you instantly translate from English to Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, or Portuguese (and vice versa) – All you need to do, is pointing your phone camera at some text, and it’ll translate instantly (no wi-fi required)!

2. Duolingo (Android and iOS)
Ever wanted to master a new language? Here’s how it’s done the awesome way: Duolingo let’s you learn Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese (hey, that’s the same as Word Lens! cool).
They have received many awards and a good rep. for their app, and that’s because they know how to keep things interesting. The learning process is set-up like a game, where you gain XP, levels and challenge your friends (just my kind of an app!).

3. Hipmunk (Android and iOS)
We’ve seen these thing a hundred times: an app that helps you find and book your travel all together. Hipmunk is just like that – and then it’s not at all. It stands apart with alternative options, like Amtrak or AirBNB. With an added twist Hipmunk lets you sort listings by “agony” scores – combination of price, time and layovers.

4. Viator (Android and iOS)
Whether it’s New York or New Delhi, everyone wants to travel like the locals. Due to their global network of expert travelers, Viator offers “insider” deals and different activities and tours at a discount, around the world. They promise to let the users “skip the lines” – and who wouldn’t want that?

5. Roadtrippers (Android and iOS)
Are you one of those free-spirit-minded people, that thinks the journey is more important than the destination? This app is for you. It takes the roads less traveled – but in a cool and exciting kind of way. You simply type in your starting point, your destination and then aaaaall the thing you want to see in between. Then Roadtrippers navigate in-app and point out what you missed. Furthermore you can add your discoveries for others to find along the way.

6. Day One (iOS)
When you’re out and about, it’s important to keep track of all the new discoveries and memories you make along with your travel/vacation – meet your new log-buddy, its name is Day One.
It lets you keep a journal and/or travel log in one neat and simple designed app.

7. Lumosity (Android and iOS)
When we’re on vacay, we tend to forget all about our everyday obligations, such as work and studies. Nevertheless, we need to keep challenging our minds, to keep them in shape. Lumosity is a series of mind strengthening games, developed by neuroscientists (that’s brain guys). It gives you scores and daily challenge – and to be honest, it really addictive!


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