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Becoming an Uncle

Some time ago I was told that I was going to be an uncle. Then came a lot of waiting and a couple a weeks ago it finally happened and it was official – I was an uncle (to a beautiful little girl). However I didn’t knew the first thing about being an uncle and what this new title might bring. So I did what any rational guy in my age (with no children) would do… I google’d it!

At first I feared that it would be nothing but a rampaging tornado of baby talk, diapers and screaming rushing over the family for a couple of years. But as it turns out there are actually quite a few things to be excited about!
I always loved children. Maybe ‘cause we’re so much a like? Anyhow, I came up with 10 reasons why becoming an uncle is one of the best things that could ever happen to a guy.

1. See how it feels to have a baby (but only when it’s cute and quite)
I’ve been with my girlfriend for almost 6 years now (yea, ‘high-school sweethearts’), so of course the thought of having a pooper ran across our minds. Now that I’m an uncle, we can finally see how it is and how well we do in certain (screaming) situations.

2. A great excuse to do little kid things again (without being judged)
No one is going to question you, if you watch cartoon for 1-2 hours – that’s if you’re doing it with a kid. Suddenly you go from childish dude, to a really great and patient babysitter.
When you have a kid in the family, you get to relive all of your favorite childhood memories. You can bring over your old legos and play with them for hours and hours, and see the same joy you felt as a kid, in another child’s eyes.

3. They’ll always be honest with you (for better or worse)
Honesty comes from drunks and kids – that’s just the way it is. So be prepared!

4. Birthdays are cool (kids birthday are the best!)
Family birthdays are all-right: you sit down, eat some cake, sing a few songs, and that’s it. A kids birthday, on the other hand, is a whole different matter. Usually you have a great theme (maybe dress-up) tons of cake, candy and baked-goods. There’s never a moment to sit down, because there is always something new and exciting happening – like a scavenger-hunt or a bouncing castle.

5. They’ll share all of their candy with you
Kids loves to share. If they don’t, you tell them that’s a valuable lesson to learn in life (and take whatever you wanted them to give you in the first place).

6. You get a free mini-me
“You have to be a role model…” is what my mom used to say, when I was playing with my younger brother, and of course I’ll be – but first we’re going to have a little fun (and my niece will be no exception)! I’m gonna teach her all the pranks and curse words, that’ll drive her parents crazy. Dress her up in the exact same outfits as mine and give her all the ‘My uncle is the best’-merch I can get my hands on.
Warning for all young uncles: your sister will be pissed at you for teaching her 2-year-old the F word and the middle finger.

7. You have someone to pass down all your wisdom to
The world is in desperate need of more female coders. My niece is gonna be one of them.

8. Kids are weird
Kids does and loves the weirdest things. They presume every room to be the bathroom, eat things not considered to be eatable and listen to Justin Bieber (sometimes all at once!) They’ll always embrace what is weird and quirky – and that’s where we’re very much alike. In order to become the best uncle ever, one most be as weird and funny as one can be.

9. Kids are basically free entertainment
To observe a kid who’s learning everything from scratch can be very joyful. To see them make the same obvious mistakes as you did – like miscalculating the existence of gravity when you’re trying to see how far you can swing in a rocking chair.

10. Kids melts your heart
If any of the above doesn’t appeal to you (or if the idea of kids frightens you), remember this: Kids are the most awesome form we humans can ever take. They’re curious, adventures, weird, adorable, sticky and smelly, and absolutely wonderful.

I dedicate this article to my niece, whom I started loving long before I’d ever layed eyes on her. The most precious gift an uncle could ever receive.




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