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"Fail early and fail often."

How I learned to think

NB: I’ve divided this post into two sections: the first is this one where I tell the story of how I got into programming and the second one is “Get started on programming” where I’ve made my best version of a guide to get you guys coding.

I typed my first lines of code, little less than a year ago. However, a series of events went on before hand, in order for this to become a reality.

As a 90’s kid I grew up with the Gameboy, PlayStation and the internet (as we know it). All of these objects where yet to shape, not only a childhood, but a whole generation and their objective from which they perceived the world.
I was mesmerized by these machines. How could you fit so much, into so little? And I was told it all was based on 1’s and 0’s – unbelievable.
Growing up I wasn’t very fund of sports. My mind was (and partly still is…) deeply buried in the wondrous world of my imagination. Back then I was already developing – but only in mind. Nevertheless this strong urge of creating kept me going until I found my way into programming.
It started with a little HTML/CSS and BASIC, but it was not until i took the Computer Science course at my first semester at the university, things really took of.

“Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer… because it teaches you how to think” – Steve Jobs

We were introduced to a programming language called Python. To those of you who are not familiar with Python, its a high-level programming language. Soon we were creating our own little applications – and I was hooked.
However, the course was coming to and end, but I needed more. That’s when I discovered awesome sites like Codecademy and Team Treehouse. Both devoted startups with the objective of learning the world how to code.
I believe these services are a great resource as a starting point, for those aspiring to get started with programming. I completed Codecademy’s Python exercises and found them quite alright. And I certainly see no reason for you to pay your hard-earned money, on private teachers or seminars, when the information is only a couple clicks away.
Therefore, my last words to you is this: Start programming today! Make the world a better place to live, ‘cause the power of creation lies with the many, not the few.

See how to get started on programming in my next post here!


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