Simon Sunde

"Fail early and fail often."

That One Time I Visited Playstation

This is the story of seeing opportunities, kindness and *freakin* good mangement.
My history with Playstation is properly similar to so many other guys and girls out there; I was given my first console at my 8th birthday and stayed loyal ever since. However as happy as that 8-year-old were, little did he know, that moment were about to change his life for good. It might sound exaggerated or over-dramatic, but as I’m sitting here typing, I can’t seem to find any earlier trace of my fascination of IT and it’s infinit possibilities – that’s how I felt back then – and to me it was like, as long as you could imagine it, anything could become possible with this technology (I still believe that, by the way!)

Now you might be thinking “That’s all good, but how the hell did you end up at Playstation(DK)’s office?!” and that’s completely understandable, but let me just tell you a little more about what led me to that day (if you can’t wait jump down a section). You see, that early fascination of mine, went on to shape my entire path of studies and career. Like most people who loves gaming consoles have felt, at least at some point in their life, I wanted to be a game-designer, which led me to programming. However, somewhere during my high school years, I realized that there were so much more to it. As most of you properly know, games are much more than the software they’re made from; they’re educational, cognitive challenging and last but not least, games are social.

That got me thinking, what makes the difference between a good game and a bad game. My conclusion? It’s the story. In order for a game to be great, it needs to tell a compelling story – which led my to my interest in communication. As some of you might know, I went on to pursue a BA in Communication & IT (paradoxically enough), and that’s when me and Playstation’s paths met once again…

As any other fanboy I follow Playstation(DK) on their social media pages like Facebook and Instagram. Then one day I decided to leave a comment at one of their posts, regarding if they had any job openings – I mean, what did I had to loose right?
Then I sort of forgot about, until I got a notification saying, playstation replied on my comment. At first I was excited! But then I thought to myself “it’s properly just a kind rejection” – But it wasn’t. In the reply it said, that I was welcome to write an email to their Nordic Community Coordinator, which goes by the name of Casper. He kindly took the time to tell me that they weren’t currently hiring (bummer, right?!). But then I realized that I got so far, why not try to seize the opportunity – and so I asked Casper if I could come visit them at their office. And he said YES!
They’re located at the creative milieu of Nordisk Film in Valby and when got there, you could almost feel the intensity in their buzzing offices, due to the release of the new game title ‘Bloodborne’ (FYI they’re giving it out for free, to everyone who donates blood at ITU tomorrow 22/03, see more here). But when I first met Casper, I quickly realized that he was just as tall as he was kind (which says a lot!). He gave me a private tour around the office and I also got to meet a couple of the guys from the team (and some of the machines as well!) and they were all very friendly and welcoming. To me it was like that little 8-year-old boys’ biggest dream had finally come true!
Here’s some of the pictures I could manage to take, during my state of total awe:

Later on I talked to Casper about the culture they had Playstation and he mentioned how important it was to them to cultivate a creative environment and a team spirit  who cares deeply about the product and its customers. My case might be a pretty good example of that, right?
All-in-all I had a great time and got to meet some cool people, and all because of a little comment on Instagram (the magic of social media). Now, I’m not saying that I think everyone should to Playstation, asking them for a visit, but my point being, to be proactive in life and seize the opportunities you get thrown at you. Furthermore I wanted to acknowledge the great management they have at Playstation, which is remarkable. So I believe credit should be given, where credit is deserved, and I most certainly believe that Playstation deserves it. That’s why I mainly wrote this article, to share my experience, and to say: Thank you.